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P & W Auto Service LtdFrom: P & W Auto Service Ltd.
By: Tricia.
Date: 17th November 2014.

I have used Lloyds Energy Ltd. since 2008 for both me and my husband's businesses. Scott and his team are second to none, down to earth yet extremely professional. We have in the last two months opened up a new venture and once again Lloyds Energy Ltd have stepped up to the mark.

I would highly recommend this Company, they are approachable, informative and seriously take the stress out of dealing with numerous companies all vying to sign that new user contract. It's nice to know that you are not just a statistic on an call centre white board somewhere!! You are treated as a person with a name and also have a good laugh too. Brilliant.

Hope you are well and are looking forward to Christmas.

Kind regards
P & W Auto Service Ltd

Chez Jules & Pierre VoctoireFrom: Chez Jules & Pierre Victoire.
By: Mark.
Date: 15th August 2013.

"Lloyds Energy Ltd has looked after our Gas and Electric Accounts since 2011. They dealt with the problems that we had with our previous suppliers and arranged our transfers without any complications, which we had encountered whilst trying to do these ourselves.

I feel that I can contact them regarding any problems that we have, and it gets sorted without me being on the phone for hours at a time. Lloyds Energy contact myself every year to compare rates with my current suppliers to others available on the market, this is one less job for myself to look into.

I have always found the staff friendly and very informative, and above all I can have a good laugh with them, which is a good thing if you ask me. Keep up the good work guys and Thanks."

Ostling EtchmarkFrom: Ostling Etchmark Ltd.
By: Ylva.
Date: 8th August 2013

"Ostling Etchmark Ltd have used Lloyds Energy Ltd since 2011. We are very pleased with their services. They found us the best deal for our gas and electricity supply. The switch was very easy and efficient and the staff is very friendly and helpful."

ADG Engineering LtdFrom: ADG Engineering Ltd.
By: Debbie.
Date: 8th August 2013

"As a busy personal assistant, i am constantly answering nuisance calls from people trying to make a buck or two and take over the contracts we hold with our suppliers, whether it be phone lines/maintenance, gas (which we don't have, which they will swear we do), electric, etc. After about the 1st ten I lost interest as all have nothing to offer any better really, and have five year contracts for you to sign at the end with no way to get out if they sting you.

So when Derek rang I assumed he was just another one of these!!
But how wrong was I, Derek is the good guy, he took the stress out of dealing with the upcoming ending of our energy suppliers. He found if we stuck with Eon we would still get the great service we had been currently getting, plus he got us a discount on all rates.

And we had a right laugh in the process, shall definitely be using our Derek and Lloyds Energy Ltd every time in the future to help me with one less job.

Shame not all callers are like him :)

Cheers Derek you're a ledge."